Monday 25 September 2023

All Dogs Go To Hell

 So it was like this. 

James Raggi, in his wisdom, decided to make a free adventure for Gencon to go with the LotFP catalog. Since he had a lot on his plate (he brought, like, ten books&booklets to Gencon? New stuff, and also reprints? A lot, anyways), he decided to get someone else to write the adventure. 

And when I suggested myself, Raggi thought I have a funny name, and it would look good on the cover of the LotFP catalog.

The rest is history.

James Raggi came up with the name and the general idea of a dog in distress. Yannick Bouchard made a kickass cover picture. Tom Cadorette did a great job on editing, and Glynn Seal made it all look prettier with the cartography and layout.

Besides the abovementioned people, I want once again to thank Sandra, just because; the playtesters - Alvur, Cerne and Kisa, who are still Playing Tabletop In Ukraine; Zak at Playing D&D With Pornstars who dragged me into the crazy world of tabletop roleplaying; Jeff Rients at Jeffs Gameblog for showing how much fun a crafty DM can have; and Becami Cusack at Systematica who helped and supported, and together with Sam Cusack helped me make the drafts of maps. 

Anything that's wrong with the writing is completely on me. 

Buy it here.

Wednesday 6 September 2023

Newly published LotFP books, reviewed

 I have only bought one of these so far (and written another). 

Have a look, maybe it'll drive you to buy something nice. 

2023 LotFP Buying Guide

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