Monday 14 February 2022

The Inquisitors' Road

So we had a longish break from actual tabletop roleplaying. Some people got sick and couldn't participate, some people had neglected to play because of birthdays (I ask you, what is the use of birthday if you don't spend it playing LotFP?), everyone is depressed over the possibility of Russian invasion, we got so down that we actually considered playing Monopoly.
"Or you could, you know, DM something".
"Guess I could".
Which is when I pulled out the Inquisitors' Road by Zak S., written to be played with Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and things got rolling.
In this adventure a group of priests ride out to examine the rumours of heresy and evil-worshipping. The priests are a fun bunch, there's an old witch-hunter, a guy who witnessed a holy miracle and has been drinking non-stop since that day, another guy who's a bishop's nephew or cousin and a couple others. The players are hired guards who are supposed to protect the priests from brigands and snakes and such.
The problem is, one of the priests is not who he seems to be.
The Inquisitors' Road is a murder mystery that starts before the first murder happens. There's a short lists of things that happen on the first night, on the second night etc, something that I usually dislike because I like to improvise, but in this case I decided to just follow the instructions, after all, it's Zak and his tons of experience. And it worked like a charm. The player characters did some bonding with the priests, ate a snake, found out there's something ominous happening, fought some brigands, and then things started getting bloody. They thought of some good tricks to try and find out the murderer, the only reason why these tricks didn't immediately work was because Zak had thought of them all first and made the murderer a cold and cunning well-prepared bastard; but every thing the players tried gave them a little clue about the murderer's identity.
It ended in an epic scene with blood fountaining from open wounds and dead bodies all around. The players were barely alive but very happy.
Next week we're going to continue the story with the second part of this Cube World module, The Gray Fortress, which is rumoured to be the lair of the mysterious and malignant Moon Church.

Wolf picture by Zak S. You can get Inquisitors' Road from his store at D&D With Porn Stars as part of Cube World #2.

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