Wednesday 21 February 2024

Temple of Naga Malicinda

The latest adventure in Zak's Cube World series is simple and elegant like a snake. It's about snake people. 

No stepping on the snake, please, thank you. 

It has cool monsters; interesting treasure that's both valuable and useful; secrets and traps and puzzles; a map that has all the information you need right on it; an explanation of how all the snakes are books and what kind of books and how they can be read and who knows about it; and with it, you also get the latest edition of Cube World Bestiary and Random Treasure Table.  

Like the rest of the Cube World, it's compatible with LotFP rules, or you can hack it and use with the game you're playing. After all, system doesn't matter.

You can buy it from Zak at The Store.

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