Some quotes from today's D&D session...

On picking spells for the magic user... "You need to roll a D1315 for it".   On choosing a strategy to escape the vampires' lair... "I pull out the cork and let the holy water mix with my body. I am now a Holy Water Elemental".  On deciding whether to risk stealing the big, heavy, noisy gong...  "Look, as soon as we pick it up, we risk releasing the vampires. And we've got two minutes till the end of the session. How much is the gong worth, anyways? ... Two thousand gold pieces? Blarnabus, pick up the gong".  On describing what we see behind the door... "Jesus Christ. Roll for surprise".  I don't know what else to say except I love the way we play and I wouldn't have it any other way.

James Raggi talking about this past week, doing the right thing against talking the right thing, and evil idiots.


LotFP's Big Sale

It's still going on, so if you want to get any PDF of Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventures, you can buy it for $1.25. I think it's on until Tuesday, so you still have a couple hours today.  Get them before James Raggi runs out of PDFs, then play the hell out of them.

Get me Spider-Man, she said.

I wanna play . That's it: I wanna play now . I want to play an RPG right away! I am busy I am an adult. I do not have time for anything ! Zak S I dunno if it's an ADHD thing, or if it's a "we all live in a country at war and last year we stopped playing and went into a bomb shelter because the alarm sounded", or if Zak is just right about what he says.  But that's exactly how I often feel.  Like today I had no plan, no books, no adventures to give to my players. We just agreed that they're agents of SHIELD and it's Marvel universe and let's pick the simplest way to write down your characters and play .  So they are a dysfunctional team of spies, and Maria Hill wants them to recruit Spider-Man yesterday.  Can we burn down New York City, m'am?  And Hill says, I want Spider-Man and I don't care how you get him to me, but if you burn something or kill someone you'll answer because I don't even know you.  And one of the spies has her me

This is Cam Banks.

 This is Cam Banks.  Cam Banks worked on some stuff that I cannot criticize because, frankly, I never tried playing it. Partially it was because of the fans of Banks's stuff who tried to explain to me why it was so good, and failed miserably.  Even though I would try everything Marvel-related back in the day,  I still don't know how this one is supposed to work.      According to wikipedia, his Marvel game was discontinued because it didn't sell well enough. Which happens a lot, and doesn't say anything about Cam Banks as a person.  What does say something about him as a person, however, is this.  Spending two years trying to find something  that Zak Smith did wrong and failing sounds like fun, I guess?    Cam Banks posted it on social networks, on Facebook and on Twitter .  On both, comments from people unauthorized by Cam Banks are disabled, so I guess he doesn't want to talk about it.  However, the are some comments on Facebook page that either were posted befor

Playtesting was fun.

Finally, sitting with people and playing Lamentations of the Flame Princess is part of my job.  It's been a long journey, but I'm finally at the place where I was always meant to be.  Thanks to my players, I almost immediately had to deal with things that I didn't think of, although I obviously should have. The next several days will be dedicated to fixing those, and improving everything else.  The magic-user had only one spell. And of course it was Summon. It actually worked fine, that is, the summoned creature did not kill the party.  I completely forgot about the hilarious joke I've written into the adventure and had to explain it later. And it wasn't funny. Curses!  P. S. My favourite dialogue from today's game: "So how many corpses is the dwarf carrying now?"  "Four... no, wait - five". 

It has been a busy week

My bard character died. Thank goodness Zak wasn't there. In my defense, I said I was about to do something stupid, and trying to garrote a wight was the stupidest thing I could do at the moment. I wrote up my next character, and he's more ridiculous than the bard ever was.  I got a diploma for "developing Ukrainian journalism in times of war". Well, I'm pretty sure I didn't make it any worse, and I've never been a journalist when we weren't at war, anyhow.  I've been re-reading some books to get in the mood for writing that adventure, and I find out so many strange and horrible things about people.  You know why I feel so stressed out? Because I haven't swung my sword for a long while now. Gotta fix it.