Sunday 26 March 2023

Great day, eh.

 We gathered to play today. I think most of us were not in our top shape. I definitely wasn't. 

Pulled out Zak's Cubeworld Sandbox. There's a table called "Today at sea..." which is excellent for when your party is travelling by ship and you want to spice it up with some random encounters (because there's only so much fun you can have describing sea sickness). 

I rolled a "Sailing pleasure palace". The characters were very suspicious but in the end decided to rest and relax a bit. 

The Part of Xaxus was approached by a Christian missionary. 

"Would you like to join our sacred brotherhood of love and understanding, sister?"

"I'll consider it. Would you like to join Xaxus?" 

Roll to persuade... 

"Tell me more about this Xaxus, sister, I'm very much interested!" 

Note: I sometimes feel like I'm a member of Marvel's Generation X and Jubilee goes "Well when I was with the X-Men" time and again. 

This is not a bad feeling. 

Half-driving, half-sailing home on an electic moped through the rain is suboptimal.

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