Sunday 23 July 2023

Not much news

We've had missile attacks, I think, five nights in a row?.. Civilian apartments, schools, a cathedral from UNESCO list hit by russian missiles. 

But hey, Olivia Hill says it's okay because apparently there were members of "Azov" hiding at the cathedral that, ironically, belongs to moscow patriarchy. 

And that's a little bit different than her earlier claims about "Star Wars being rightwing power fantasy", because now she makes claims about real wars and real death. 

Anyhow, we played the second Dragonlance module today. I guess it's the only kind of psychotherapy I can participate in. 

More about it later.


  1. God, Olivia hill is so ignorant.
    Unbelievably malicious.

    I tend to think the latter, given how much gratuitous harm she's done over time.

    1. I'd think someone acting like that would be either malicious or mentally unhealthy, unable to perceive how their actions are wrong. Don't know if this is the case.


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