Wednesday 2 August 2023

The good things about Dragons of Flame

The second adventure in Dragonlance campaign, Dragons of Flame, kind of has the same advantages that Zak's Cube World adventure Castle Terravante does. You have your dungeon with giant slugs, zombies and long-dead kings. You have your heist - sneaking dozens of children from under the nose of a crazy dragon lady. And you have your drama - the young and spoiled elven princess is madly in love with one of the characters, and her brother has to be your guide through the dungeon. 


It's also playable if you're lazy/hateful/depressed and want to skip large parts of what Douglas Niles had written specifically for your enjoyment. Like I did. Sure, returning to Solace makes sense for the Innfellows, but our party was made up of a dwarf, a kender, and a Qualinesti elf - why not go directly to Qualinesti? 

The slave caravan part still worked - just with the adventurers outside of the cages. Their elf guide (Porthios, in our case) was captured by the draconians and kept in one of the cages, which is why it made sense for the party to mess with the caravan. 

And since Porthios, quite in character, was not amused by the idea of his sister falling in love with an outcast adventurer; and since our kender bardess, also quite in character, had composed a long and naughty ballad about Laurana's love to our mage; and since the mage was not amused either by the ballad or by Porthios, interactions with the NPC were fun. 

The magic sword that shines and buzzes when dragons are nearby is a beautiful weapon, but I got a little bit tired saying "No,  it is not a lightsaber!" 

Though now I'm thinking about giving one of the villains a red sword, just to make the players happy... 

Fewmaster Toede is still here, and everyone loves to hate him. Poor hobgoblin commander. 

Before we played it, I never noticed how the amulet you can find in Dragons of Despair turns really useful when you get to the giant chain room in Dragons of Flame

Next, we travel to the dwarf kingdom of Thorbardin. With eight hundred refugees. And a very angry Highlord Verminaard following us. Not to mention a certain couple of special agents of Takhisis. 

Things are about to get interesting.

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