Saturday 16 March 2024

Terminal City is fun, wish you were here...

 How I use the Random Encounter table... 


No, can't use this, this looks more interesting than the rest of the adventure. 


Meh, that's kind of too tough. 


2d4 Orc Knights on horses, okay, that sounds good. 

"So, from behind the trees, you see eight goblin scouts riding baboons..." 

They also killed the xortoise. They sure rolled a lot of natural 19's. Maybe the dice were loaded. I brought the dice. Why did I give them loaded dice? 

"So you brought me... an old bald man, two birds, a monkey, and a - to be frank - seriously impressive giant half-goat, half-scorpion. That is supposed to be the superweapon that will save my kingdom?" 

"Ah, your majesty, let me explain how this bird is actually a weapon of mass destruction". 

Goat-demon is invulnerable to normal weapons. But not to the cunning of the magic-user who promised him a whole lot of killing and violence. 

Note: always bring a pencil sharpener AND a knife to a game. Luckily, I did. 

"So... these girls in the pool were not the octopus's handpuppets?" 

"No, they were real girls who just liked to hang out with a giant octopus". 

"I know girls like that". 

Step 1. Forbid to bring food/drinks to the building. 

Step 2. Charge $4.50 for a can of Pepsi. 

Step 3, obviously, world domination. 

I cannot see how this plot could possibly fail.

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