Wednesday 5 October 2022

Make a deity for your campaign with a fistful of dice

Or, rather, make as many of them as you want for 15 dollars. 

Because some time ago on LotFP discord, people talked about making up gods for their games. And they brought up some mechanics, and they gave some advice, and talked about what would be the optimal way to roll some dice and get the attributes and cool features and powers and stuff for a god, or goddess, or eldritch being or whatever. And then Zak said that he would write something that does exactly this. 

Well, he did. Here in his Store is the God Generator. To quote Zak, 

"I aimed for a generator that worked like the best character generation systems: providing options but also inspiration at each step, making the user not only eager to create new creatures but to see how they will work in the game world".

So I took the tables and rolled the dice, and came up with a crimson-skinned girl of a goddess who cares for the forests and helps all the fathers. If you want to become her follower, you have to go on a sacred pilgrimage, honouring the goddess's adventures chronicled in a series of pantings. You will also need to, when mentioning your father, always add "Whose voice I will hear forever", or the goddess will be offended by your misbehaviour. 

The girl has some holy weapons, and unusual features that are always shown in her depictions, and her favourite animal is the yak, and if you've fathered a child, she might come to help you. Especially if you have fathered a child in the forest. 

And it's so easy to make her feel like part of the world. Like, having the barbarians that the party encounters tie fangs into their braided hair - this is how the goddess is depicted. Will they treat you kindly if you mention how you always hear your daddy's voice? I dunno, let's find out! 

 And there are tables for determining if your deity is human-looking, or it's an animal (what kind of animal?), or a plant, or mineral, or the whole bloody active volcano is an actual god. And a lot of domains and cool powers that are related to those domains. And the taboos and demands that the gods make for their followers (kind of similar to Vornheim superstitions, only they're numbered and easy to roll up and some things are left out because those are the parts that you fill in yourself, anyways).

 Also Zak included five gods that he made up while testing the generator, with illustrations. They're almost as cool as my crimson goddess. 

But I dunno, maybe your deity will be even cooler. 

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