Friday 23 December 2022

Uncle Bloody reviews Tomb of the Serpent Kings


It's been a while since your beloved old Uncle Bloody reviewed stuff. As you might know, Uncle Bloody is a well-meaning but rather disfunctional old-school roleplayer. In fact, he's putting the "senile" in "old-school". 

Which makes the Tomb of the Serpent Kings, written by Skerples, a perfect match to Uncle's analytic skills. 

Let's start. 

WHEN YOU FIRST START UP Super Mario Bros., the game doesn't give you any instructions. The first  level is cunningly designed to teach you the rules: jump on enemies, pick up mushrooms, look for secrets, get coins, avoid pits. There is no tutorial; the game itself is the tutorial.

From the very first lines, the adventure gives us the feeling of classic Skerples forget-the-facts style. I mean, Super Mario Bros definitely did have an instruction, teaching you how to do this.

And also this.
It also tells us what happens 
And informs us that coins should be gathered, because 
So basically, all the things that Skerples claimed you had to find out in the game itself, because  there is no tutorial.