Friday 19 April 2024

The ancient kingdom of Spidernesti

 "The House of Stars became the House of Spiders". 

That's the line from Tanis's secret journal that the heroes managed to decipher. And the druidess really, really wanted more spiders. 

Which is how the elf, dwarf, and two kendergirls found themselves at the borders of Silvanesti, greeted by none other than Porthios, far from everyone's favourite elf. 

Now, I must say that Tracy Raye Hickman put a lot of work into Dragons of Dreams. And I appreciate some of it, and a lot of it is kind of meh.

The sickly green mists and trees that weep blood are cool. It's like a little piece of Ravenloft in Krynn, the best of both worlds. 

The scene with the executioner? Also cool. 

So, as the heroes entered the woods of Silvanesti, they met a group of hungry minotaurs and almost ate them (after the kendergirls tasted roasted dragon, they suspect every NPCs of being a polymorphed delicious dragon. This is scary, really). 

They lost their NPC followers in the mists (Sturm, Riverwind, Goldmoon, and Alfred the butler), and sent their three dogs to find and help the lost followers. 

They witnessed the execution of Kitiara by Tanis, and impressed the starved, enslaved Silvanesti elves by killing the executioner. 

Then they were attacked by creepy spider-goblins. Because when two characters in the party have spiderclimbing abilities and like to use them, sooner or later you must have a vertical fight on/in a half-ruined tower. 

Notes on vertical fights: 

If you throw something at the character below you, you're in a better position to hit them but if you miss, your weapon falls all the way down; 

If you throw something at the character above you, there's a chance that your weapon will fall back and injure you; 

If you charge or dodge, there's a chance that you'll lose contact with the wall and fall down, unless you manage to grab something and stop your fall; 

Dispel magic suddenly becomes deadlier.

All in all fun. 

Notes on spider-goblins: spider-shaped body with cephalothorax and abdomen, goblin faces, four goblin arms and four goblin legs. Freaky. They enjoy using Stinking Clouds, Webs and Darkness. 

Also they briefly met an NPCs from an old campaign that some players knew and some players didn't. I'm sentimental like that. 

Next, the heroes are going to find the entrance to the Underground Zoo of king Lorac. What are the chances of running into more freaky creatures?

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