Sunday 16 April 2023

This is Cam Banks.

 This is Cam Banks. 

Cam Banks worked on some stuff that I cannot criticize because, frankly, I never tried playing it. Partially it was because of the fans of Banks's stuff who tried to explain to me why it was so good, and failed miserably. 

Even though I would try everything Marvel-related back in the day, 

I still don't know how this one is supposed to work. 


 According to wikipedia, his Marvel game was discontinued because it didn't sell well enough. Which happens a lot, and doesn't say anything about Cam Banks as a person. 

What does say something about him as a person, however, is this. 

Spending two years trying to find something 

that Zak Smith did wrong and failing sounds like fun, I guess? 

 Cam Banks posted it on social networks, on Facebook and on Twitter

On both, comments from people unauthorized by Cam Banks are disabled, so I guess he doesn't want to talk about it. 

However, the are some comments on Facebook page that either were posted before Banks changed the settings for the post, or were made by people that are his Facebook friends and so can comment there, and those are rather colourful. 

The people, who I presume are the fans of Cam Banks, push two narratives. 

1) How they love Cam Banks and what a wonderful person he is, 

and 2) how they hate that Cam Banks, the wonderful person that he is, admitted that he did wrong, that he shouldn't have supported allegations without proof, and that he followed the court decision. Which is literally the legal thing to do. 

Does that mean that they wanted Cam Banks to act illegally? Looks that way to me. 

Does that mean that those people, who claim to "support the victims" and "bravely stand against criminals", are liars who do exactly the opposite of their claims? Looks that way to me. 

Anyhow. I can honestly say that there's finally one work published by Cam Banks that I enjoyed reading. 

And it's this one. 

By Cam Banks, 13 April 2023.

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