Monday 27 May 2024

So Mike Mearls.

As you probably know, Mike Mearls used to work on D&D. 

Now Chaosium decided to hire him. 

And people who lied about Mearls when he worked on D&D, and never stopped lying, are now putting extra effort into telling lies. 

Specifically, there's a completely made up story about Mearls "giving Zak S a list of people to harass". 

How can we know that it's completely made up? 

Because people who spread it admitted that they lied. 

Here's the archived article where the liars admit that they lied.

Here's the audio recording of them doing it. 

Interview Audio Clips from "The Worst People You Have Never Met"

Here's Olivia Hill admitting that yes, the interviews happened and she talked to the author of the article. 

Here's Patrick Stuart doing the same. 

My point is, if you see someone claiming that Mearls and Zak harassed someone, or Mearls helped Zak by giving him the imaginary "list", or something along the line - these people are either honestly mistaken or lying. 

If you see someone claiming that "they know it for a fact", these people are definitely lying, because you cannot know something that did not happen for a fact. 

And if you see it, please help the people who are mistaken to see their mistakes, and please address the lies so that other people are not duped into believing the liars. 

Thank you. 

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